Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nailed It With the Party Favors

For Julie’s baby shower, we snagged the idea for favors off of Pinterest

How cute does the nail polish look?

Nail polish would work as favors since it was an all girl shower. But instead of finding pink polish, we wanted to stick with the sprinkle theme and found glitter nail polish. 

We tried to be creative with our incorporation of sprinkles. 

I used a Stampin’ Up paper punch in the shape of a flower to cut white cardstock. 

Once cut, I used pink/purple pens to write on the going-to-be tags.

 I tried to copy the design exactly because I liked it; even the slight pink edging on the petals. 

Without it, they looked dull.

I then use a miniature screw driver I borrowed from the hubs to pierce a hole into the cardstock. (Yes, that screwdriver is really his and not mine! He has some tools of his own. Does a ball pump count?)

Once the holes were punched, I threaded some pink string through them. 

I then tied them to the nail polish and viola!

The front side says, “It’s a girl.” The back side says, “Thank you!”

I played around with ideas on how to display them and ended up taking Little JCrew’s baby plate off the shelf in the dining room to display the polish.

Fancy, huh?

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