Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Friday

It’s kind of already been going on, but I’m declaring it official… It’s Family Friday! Each Friday you can sit at your computer, with your drink of choice and listen to the latest on the JCrew boys. 

I love those feet!

I did a stellar job of keeping you informed of all the happenings of Little JCrew’s first year, but I think I’ve let the car drive away without me in it. (I’m still waiting at the curb.) I can claim their baby books are up to date, but I haven’t been spilling the details to my long-distance friends and family.
Here is the low-down…

Little JCrew:
17-months old
Words Used In Context: “Hey” “Head” “Hot” “Poppi” – he likes the Letter ‘H’
Favorite Song: “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” Metallica songs
Eye Color: officially brown
Clothing Size: 18 months
Shoe Size: 4-4.5
Favorite Movie: “Finding Nemo,” “101 Dalmations” (That’s actually Mr. JCrew’s current favorite. He uses Little JCrew as an excuse to watch it.)
Weight: 24 pounds
Height: Good question. He can't sit still long enough. A month ago he was 32 inches
Concentration Position

Mr. Brigglesworth:
4 months old
Weight: 17.5 pounds (My milk is whole milk, apparently)
Height: 24 inches (he’s a shorty!)
Loves Attention
Talks Your Ear Off
Tricks: sticks out his tongue, puts his whole fist in his mouth, drools enough to fill a sippy cup
Clothing Size: 6 months fits, and 9 months will fit SOON
Eye Color: For sure, brown
Fuzzy hair is coming in.

Both of the boys are so much fun right now. Little JCrew lets you know when things are ‘hop’ (aka Hot.) Mr. Brigglesworth puts the death grip on your hair and will put it in his mouth.

To round out the whole 'Family Friday,' Mr. JCrew and I are doing great (thanks for asking). 

We're just waiting patiently to see what happens with sequestration (the downside of being in the defense industry. Otherwise, it's cool). 

Mr. JCrew's soccer season starts up this weekend with a tournament, so we'll be playing outside! I'm going to attempt going to games and see how it is with two boys in tow. 

Kiss your loved ones today. Family is a blessing.

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