Monday, March 11, 2013

Kite Day

On Saturday, we spent the whole day outside. It was a beautiful and warm day. Somehow, we all got colds. Even the baby! No fun not being able to breathe.


We didn’t hear about Kite Day until the day before. It was perfect, windy weather.

It was located on the prettiest soccer fields in town. I made the comment to Mr. JCrew as we pulled up that it was funny how particular the city is about these fields, yet they held a kite day with kids, dogs, trash, etc. Even the big octopus kite was nailed into the ground with stakes!


Yet, Mr. JCrew’s soccer games are cancelled because of one drop of rain. Does it confuse you, too?


Driving up, was really cool to see this gigantic kite and a million little kits.


There were strings everywhere. Not the best place for a toddler to explore.


Little JCrew’s friend was all about him trying to help her fly her “Nemo Clown Fish” kite. He was not very gentleman-like and wouldn’t pay attention to her. She even offered him a chicken nugget and he took it and ran!

We finally got him to try and hold the string with her.


He did for a brief moment and she was happy.


Then he was off again.

I promise you we are getting him off that paci PRONTO! I know there have been a lot of photos with him having it recently. He went cold-turkey without it yesterday and did great! We thought naptime would be hard, but he didn’t mind. We had started to get him off of it, but then he saw his baby brother with one and had to have his. Then more teeth came in at 16 months, so we gave into that. Sometimes the battles were not big enough to fight.

After Kite Day, we went to another park and had more fun. I’ll share those adventures on Family Friday.

Have a safe start to your week and be wary of bad weather!

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