Friday, March 8, 2013

I Love My Boys

Mr. Brigglesworth is now 22 weeks and Little JCrew turned 18 months! I know it’s cliché to say, but I want to freeze time!

There is only a seven pound difference between the 13 months age difference. Closing the gap!

IMG_9417w (600 x 400)

The boys’ Aunt Chrissy got them matching shirts to wear to Mr. JCrew’s soccer games. The back is equally adorable.

IMG_9388w (400 x 600)

I love when Little JCrew loves on his brother.

IMG_9429w (600 x 400)

Mr. Brigglesworth is full of laughs and talks your ear off.

IMG_9635w (400 x 600)

He also can sit up on his own very well.

IMG_9571w (400 x 600)

Little JCrew still loves his kitchen and made a dish the other day that he said required refrigeration.

IMG_9627 (600 x 400)

He cracks me up. Mr. JCrew laughed when he saw it the next morning. 

Soccer games are still a favorite. We get there early so he can pass the ball around without interfering with the game.

IMG_9434w (600 x 400)

We never wanted to push him in one direction, but he seems to naturally want to kick the ball. We have a basket full of balls in the house and at least two soccer balls in the car. We can’t go anywhere without them.

IMG_9547w (600 x 400)

We’re back to having sleep issues with Little JCrew.  As an infant he was a horrible sleeper, and now Mr. Brigglesworth is a better sleeper than him. We’re back to trying different things to keep him asleep. He probably thinks we party all night without him. Sorry to disappoint him with the truth that we go to sleep as soon as he does!

We hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend.


  1. Wow, I can't believe Mr. Brigglesworth is sitting up already! That's awesome. Love that there's only 7 lbs. difference, too. He's trying so hard to be big like his brother, isn't he?

  2. He's trying VERY hard. He actually feels heavier because of the support he still needs to be held. He's such a chunk, and I love it!


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