Friday, April 12, 2013

Bicycle Trailer

It has been absolutely beautiful weather. Perfect for a bike ride. Even in the bad weather, we were still out there on our bikes. We were just too excited and Little JCrew loves it.

At the last consignment sale I found a bike trailer. It can hold two kids up to 100 lbs total. It hooks to the back wheel of your bike and it’s a smooth ride.


Little JCrew instantly loved it. Mr. Brigglesworth fought enjoying it. He only lasts for a 30 minute bike ride. When we stop, both boys cry. One wants to get out, the other doesn’t want to get out.


I think it is so cute to see them in there just enjoying the sites.


I have to admit, I was against the idea. When Mr. JCrew talked about bike riding, I honestly did not think all of us would be participating. I didn’t want to spend the money on a trailer that I was not sure the boys would like or how long it would last us.


I had no problem paying for a used one. I feel even better knowing the boys enjoy it. And I enjoy it, too! We can explore so much more than we can on foot in thirty minutes!


I hope y’all are getting outside and enjoying the weather. Might be a little cold today after the storm, but the weekend should be beautiful.

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