Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Adding Onto My BabyFood Jars


I painted the bottoms of 13 babyfood jars to turn them into vases. Then I painted five of them bright colors to use as crayon storage. I didn’t throw away the lids. No, sir. Treasure jars need lids to keep the treasures inside.

I’ve been wanting to find something to paint with chalkboard paint. I’ve had this itch in my hand to do it. I’ve even entertained the idea of painting a sliver of chalkboard in the kitchen, but it makes me nervous, so I back off and look for something else to do.

To satisfy the chalkboard affair, I decided to paint the lids of the babyfood jars.


The JCrew boys can then label their treasure jars with the date it was collected or what is actually in there. Or they can put their name on it.


I’ve had the tops painted for a while, but was on the search for chalk. I didn’t want to make a special trip anywhere for it, but never saw any other than sidewalk chalk.


I got out the chalk and Little JCrew helped me decorate.


He actually stacked the jars to make a tower.


Then they fell.


I love the chalkboard paint. It’s one of those things I love so much that I want to do it everywhere. But I have to remind myself that less is more. I have to put down the brush and stop.

It’s funny that I waited so long to post about this. It was perfect timing actually. Little JCrew already has a treasure jar full of random things my dad put in his pants when he wears pockets over to their house. Last Friday Mr. Brigglesworth wore pants with pockets so he came home with pockets full of treasures!


I did not discover the treasures. Mr. JCrew did. When I got home he said he had to show me what he found in Mr. Brigglesworth’s pockets. He thought my parents were playing a joke on him. I took one look at the random collection and said, “They are his treasures!”


Now both boys have the start to their collection. And don’t worry, they don’t play with their treasures right now. Definitely not age appropriate to play unsupervised.

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