Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013 Recap

Whew! The weeks are starting to fly by like days. I couldn't keep up with talking to you, it's been so fast. 

The Jenson Crew is doing well and everyone is growing like weeds. I have to remind myself that blogging is not my job and it falls last on the list. But as the days go by, I think about all I want to write; it's just finding the time that doesn't interfere with my family. 

Last week was Holy Week and we had a lot of fun. On Saturday we took the boys to Church for their first Easter Egg Roll and Breakfast. 


Little JCrew had to be silenced with a donut! 

We saw a lot of our friends there.




And my parents came with us.


Little JCrew wanted to be on the stage and made a bee-line to it every time we let him down.


While the kids made tomb cakes at their tables they had a puppet show to watch.


Mr. Brigglesworth enjoyed watching everything. We never heard a peep out of him.


After all the inside activities completed, it was time for Easter Eggs.


Little JCrew's age group had eggs laid out on the playground. He got the jist of if. I followed him around with his basket as he put the eggs he found in there. There were a couple times that I wondered off and turn around to see him with his hands full looking for his basket.


His friend, Caitlin, had her own cheer section. Her twin brothers were yelling, "Go, Caitlin, Go!" It was so cute!


Little JCrew went to talk to them.


I think he did well for himself. He kind of stopped looking for eggs after he got five, but I got him to find five more and then we called it quits.


Then he found a stick and the drumming began.


On Sunday, we went to church and then went to the other set of grandparents' house. All the cousins were over there.

Mr. Brigglesworth enjoyed being held by everyone. He is never put down when we see the family. 


Little JCrew and his cousins had fun looking for their stuffed bunny and eggs filled with goldfish.

They had races around the kitchen.


And Little JCrew made his car play the piano.


Then he took to the mic for a solo gig.


We never got a family picture, but we weren't dressed in our Sunday best either. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

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