Monday, April 8, 2013

Making A Sectional Couch Stay Together

couch Collage

I don’t think our couch has ever been perfectly together. When we bought it in 2009, it did not come with any hardware to keep the three pieces together.


Mr. JCrew is rough on furniture and likes to plop down on things. His spot is the chase part of the couch and you can tell. The cushion is always out of place and the actual piece of the couch is always further back than the rest.


It’s nice that I have the couch up against the wall so I can just hip-check the couch and all the pieces get squished back together. But I was tired of always fixing the couch. I can only imagine what the couch will look like when the boys are teenagers.


I set out to find a solution. There is a $20 product out there called Sofa Snap, but I’m cheap and didn’t' want to pay $40 plus shipping. So, I went to the hardware store and got gate hook and eyes. I got the kind that had a little clasp on them. For $1.18 each, I got four. I also got a roll of heavy duty Velcro tape to put on the cushions.


I turned all the couch pieces over and measured equal distances on all pieces to mark where the hook and eyes would go.


I put two hooks on each piece of the couch. I figured that would give more stability. It had to hold up to Mr. JCrew plopping on the couch.


Putting the pieces into the frame of the couch made my thumbs hurt. I was pushing as I was turning.
Now, the test was turning all the pieces back over and hoping they lined up and hooked.
And they did!


It’s hard to get a picture but you get the idea. I measured the distance between the frames on the couch pieces and thought a 2.5 inch hook would work. It was perfect!


Then I used the Velcro to hold the couch cushions in place.


I don’t think the chase part of the couch has ever been correct. Whenever I would put the cushion on the chase correctly, there would be a large gap. I always put the cushion over some so that you couldn’t tell. Now with the hook and eyes in place, there is no gap!


After I put the couch back together, I just sat and enjoyed my new couch. It really does feel new again. I can sit on a crack and I won’t slowly sink in as the pieces drift apart. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. I’ve been missing out on enjoying my couch instead of hating it.

Anyone else fixed a piece of furniture and realized how it could have been all along?

Things Used:
Gate Hook and Eyes – 2.5 inch length (Qty 4) – $1.18 each = $5
Velcro Tape = 4ft long, 2 inch wide = $9

UPDATE: 7-27-13
Mr. JCrew is rough on furniture. The eyes that came with the hook were thin and one broke in half! I bought thicker eyes to replace all the small ones and the couch is back together.

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  1. I don't think our couch has ever been perfectly together. When we bought it in 2009, it did not come with any hardware to keep the three pieces ...


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