Friday, May 10, 2013

A Lesson On Frogs

Little JCrew had a lesson on frogs. The boy LOVES being outside. It’s what we do every day when we get home from work. I had my camera out and was taking pictures of the flowers.


When I stepped away, I heard something drop. I look down to see what it was and saw that a frog jumped as I almost stepped on him.

I love frogs. There is a running joke in my family about me ‘chasing frogs.’ Kendal, stay quiet!


I pointed the frog out to Little JCrew and he started kissing it.


There were also some sweet nothings whispered to the frog.


Before I knew it, he was reaching down to touch the frog.


I was warning him while I kept my finger on the camera trigger!


The frog jumped before Little JCrew could get his hands on him.

This actually frightened him. He wasn’t expecting the frog to jump. He probably thought the frog would sit still and let him pet him like the dogs do.

IMG_0750w (600 x 400)

I always wanted our dogs to lay next to the babies while they had tummy-time or napped, but our dogs have taken a LONG time to warm up to the little humans in the house.


Anderson was the first to get close to them. I think he was trying to get to me, but settled for the baby. I have pictures of both the boys are the same time developmentally playing with Anderson on the floor.

IMG_9454 (400 x 600)

Anderson just lets them tug on him.


I told him that one day they would give him the attention he starves for!

Colby is a timid pup. He was an older puppy when we got him, so I don’t know his upbringing, but I think it was fine. He could just care less about a baby. However, recently he is all about Little JCrew!


Little JCrew loves on Colby and pets him. Colby use to run away, but now he loves it! It’s more hands to pet him.


Colby thinks Mr. Briggleworth is okay, but he’ll be cooler once he can stand and Colby can knock him over!

Oh, and I have to make note of Mr. Brigglesworth’s hair. I can’t get it to lay down. It does for maybe a minute as it dries after a bath, and to me, he looks funny. I’m so use to seeing the hair standing up, that it makes him Mr. Brigglesworth. I don’t want to make it lay down.


I hope you all have a great weekend. My sister, Kerry, is coming into town to see her boys! We are soooo excited! Little JCrew wants to take her to the park and play. Wooo!

See you Monday! (I’ll be sharing my potty-training story)

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