Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Patching Holes

I’m on a mission. Spring Cleaning is in full effect. I have a theory… Spring Cleaning happens naturally after you are forced to stay indoors all Winter and look at your cluttered and un-organized house. You can’t get away from it, so you decide to clear it out. Am I right?

IMG_9044w (400 x 600)

I had those moments several times this Winter. Our dining room table stayed clear for 1 hour before things were piled on it again. I see too many cute things and try to find homes for them. I look back and realize I’m adding to my clutter.

When I look at inspiration pictures, the walls are semi-bare. There are just a few details.


It hit me, that in my quest of looking for something to do, I do something with a blank wall. I literally have no blank walls in my house!

I started taking things off the walls and patching up the holes.

It started in the master bedroom. I was already going to have to paint over my samples and if I had the paint out, I might as well patch some holes.

When we moved the TV in the bedroom to the playroom upstairs, I never did a good job of patching that hole. I had since read instructions and was going to try again.

IMG_2091 (600 x 400)

I used my spackling and SANDED it this time. That was something I had never done before.


I painted over all my holes and primed over the paint samples I made earlier. Since I decided I wasn’t going to paint the room for the fourth time, I used my primer to cover up the sample swatches before I painted the room back to it’s normal color. The primer helped because the sample finishes were not the same as the original flat finish. I would never recommend flat finish paint. Lessons learned.


The bedroom looks almost new.

IMG_0039w (600 x 400)

While I was in a patching frenzy, I took down pictures in the playroom.


It really made a big difference.

I even took the stuff off the dining room shelves and patched the holes better.


When I added the shelves, I only did a good job of patching the holes that were not covered.


And I didn’t stop there. I even used the primer and paint to cover up where Lysol dripped from a light switch.


Worked like a charm!

IMG_0568w (400 x 600)

Some of the things I removed off the walls had anchors. Some anchors came out easily, some I could push into the wall. But I came across one that wasn’t moving.


After I spackled it, I hammered it flat; then spackled again.


The kitchen sink nook is clutter free.

IMG_8426w (400 x 600)

IMG_0810w (400 x 600)


While I had the sandpaper and paint out, I took off the switch plate and smoothed out the drywall.


When I replaced the light switch, the new faceplate wasn’t the exact same fit. Now you can’t tell the difference.


I was so close to throwing away all my paint cans during my Spring Cleaning, but I’m glad I didn’t. I didn’t use the same “finish” in each room so I wouldn’t know what to get again for touch-up paint.

Now I just have to remember to fight the urge when I want to find an adorable object a home. Not all of my walls need to be covered. I’m learning lessons for the next time around. I don’t like holes in my walls. I like clean walls.

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