Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paint Colors For the Bedroom

Back when Lowe’s had their Buy One, Get One deal on paint samples, I loaded up and got eight! Six of them were actually to be used for the purpose a sample is meant for. The other two were for the console table I repainted.
I mixed up the arrangement of my samples so I wouldn’t be able to guess which was which, and then I numbered them one through six. I knew I would be bias to a color if I knew the name. I already had my favorites picked out, but was giving the underdogs a shot!
I painted the samples in order from top to bottom in seven different locations in the master bedroom.
Yes, I am contemplating painting my master bedroom for a fourth time. Mr. JCrew laughingly joked about it being the fourth or fifth time, and when I said it was the fourth, his reply was, “I was joking!” The color has never been right and it’s because I never did samples in the room. I think it’s a mix of the lighting and the way the sun comes in.
DSC01342w (600 x 450)
DSC04984w (600 x 450)
IMG_8329w (600 x 400)
We have lived with the samples up for a few weeks and I love them all. What I thought would be my favorite was my least favorite! It was too dark.
And the one I tried not to like ended up being my favorite.
revere pewter
Revere Pewter is very popular right now. I went against it because it was so popular. And yet, it’s the one I picked.
Revere Pewter
Parlor Taupe was one I found off Pinterest and loved, but in our room, it looked too light. Yet, now I don’t think so as I write this post.
parlor taupe
Edgecomb gray was the second runner up. When I get an upgrade to the bathroom, this will be my color choice.
Seattle Mist was another favorite. When it comes time to update the laundry room, this will be my go to color.
Seattle Mist
Honestly, all the colors are my favorite. I like them all very much.
And now I have a stash of pretty colors to paint more things! I just have to find things to paint!
I really liked going through the process of finding my colors. At first, I had a favorite based on the location of the paint samples. On one wall, I liked #4. On another wall, I liked #3. Number 2, was the all around favorite I liked on every wall.
I put the samples near the trim to make sure it didn’t make the trim color look too yellow.
I put samples next to my white frames to make sure they didn’t clash. I also painted near the furniture to see how the paint picked up the colors.
I made a decision NOT to paint right now. Mr. JCrew was relieved to hear the news. With painting the furniture (chair, table, chairs), I came to the realization that to make projects, I have to live in a mess. I don’t like living in a mess. Painting a bedroom would take multiple coats and moving furniture. I just don’t have the energy to do it. I want to relax for a little while. The paint samples are still on the wall because I like looking at them. Weird? No. I’m just a dreamer.

UPDATE: Four months after picking out the future color of our bedroom, and mustering up enough energy,  I painted it!

Click the picture below to check it out.


  1. It was a good idea to paint near the door trimming and decor. I have a friend who repainted a room a certain color only to paint the trimming and switch frames around a few weeks later because, in her words, it just looked weird against each other. It's a good tip for anyone looking to do this kind of upgrade. -Leeanne @ Master My List

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment, Leeanne. I appreciate it. I've learned my lesson the hard way. The trim color was not what I am use to. I finally learned that doing test swatches is worth it!


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