Monday, April 29, 2013

Maple Tree Update

At the end of the summer, I shared with you how I chopped down my October Glory Maple tree. It was sick as a result of bugs.


I took pictures of the damaged trunk to the local nursery.


They confirmed it was bugs.

They gave me many suggestions. I took the least expensive route: Cut it down and let it shoot some new trunks.

IMG_1288w (400 x 600)

The key was to cut it down to where only a few inches of trunk were seen above the dirt. By Fall, I was suppose to have several trunks about two feet tall and then I would pick a main trunk and cut all the rest.

IMG_1291w (400 x 600)

Fall came and there was no new growth. My guess is the tree was sicker than I thought and the root system was not healthy enough to start over.

So, two weekends ago I borrowed my dad’s reciprocating saw again and cut the trunk all the way down. I first enlisted the help of Little JCrew to remove all the mulch. (His reward was playing in the sprinkler after.)

IMG_0410w (600 x 400)

Then we started removing the dirt. It was mounded up and I needed to get it level again.


Then I could see how much trunk I really needed to cut. Along with the trunk, I had exposed roots. I took the choppers to those and cut them.


Once it was somewhat level, I used the shovel to “hammer” the clay down. Little JCrew liked that part. He wanted to get closer to Mommy using all her might to hit the ground. Smile


Now that the grass is turning green, it will be sending its runners over that patch of dirt and by Summer, there will be no evidence that a tree was ever there.


I contemplated going the more expensive route and buying a new tree to replace it. I even picked out a tree and priced it up. I knew I wanted a big tree so I wouldn’t have to start over with a tiny baby tree, and the price was in my price range. But a number of factors lead me to just cover it up with grass. 

Now let’s hope that the tree doesn’t decide to come back! I’ve seen two neighbors do the same thing I did and their trees came back. I’m not sure if they wanted them to. I gave it the good ol’ college try with no luck, so I think it’s safe to say it’s not coming back. And if it does, I’ll let it live! For the love of trees! We always need more!

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