Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sofa Table Up-Do

Console Collagew

I soooo wish I had a before picture of my sofa table for you. The best I could do was go to Hobby Lobby and take a picture of it there. Yes, this charming piece came from a craft store.


My original piece was made of PINK wood. This color I found to take a picture of is more like a latte color.


I was able to look past it and knew I would paint it. At the time, I had just painted the legs of my kitchen table black and was going to use the same paint.

black legs

I quickly changed the black legs to blue; the black just didn’t work well.

blue legs

I’ve always liked black furniture, but not stark black. I gave myself some slack and used the black paint I had on hand.


This was pre-mixed and oil-based. I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Fast-forward to four years later, and I wanted to paint the console again. I have since found a lovely shade of black, but didn’t want to paint my console black again. I thought it needed to stand out against a dark background.

The bottom would be khaki and the top would be navy.

One Coat of Primer

I am learning the art of staining and painting. It’s all about the coats! I was so glad I saw someone post what things look like after 1,2,3 coats of stain/paint. I was thinking I was messing up when one coat did not look right. Then I’d apply a second coat too soon.

Second Coat of Primer

One coat of primer was not enough. I waited a day and applied a second coat.

The console sat in its primer state for a good week. Finding time to finish things is hard!

I taped off the console and painted the navy color first.


Lesson learned: painters tape removed some of the primer!


I waited another day and applied a second coat of navy. The drawers look perfect, but the top didn’t seem dark enough.


Day three was time to add the khaki. Again, two coats were needed.


I really like how it turned out. I was trying sooo hard to find the right color combo, that I just picked it and went with it without debating with myself. I did, however, contemplate painting the top khaki , too.


I put the clear coat on, and called it a day.

IMG_9339 (400 x 600)

Now, I used the paint samples at the hardware store, but it’s not the right paint to use on furniture. There are other paints out there that create an enamel really hard for furniture that sees heavy traffic.


If and when I repaint Mr. Brigglesworth’s dresser and chest of drawers, I will use the appropriate paint. But for $3 (buy one, get one offer) this make-over was easy!


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