Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love/Hate Relationship with Spring

Spring is officially here! Just two days ago I looked at my Ivory Silk Lilac and only saw the buds it sprouted in the Fall. No sign of leaves emerging. I woke up yesterday to see the leaves coming out.

How appropriate!

Last weekend was a gorgeous weekend. I think everyone on my street was out mowing. This had to have been a chain reaction. I asked Mr. JCrew if I was missing something. I didn't think mowing was the right thing to be doing right now. The grass is really stressed this time of year.

This brings me to the hate relationship I have with Spring.

 I can't keep the house clean! The grass comes in with the dogs and our feet.

Okay; maybe grass isn't the only thing making my house dirty. :)

Last week we celebrated Spring coming by putting down mulch.

In some areas it's a noticeable difference.

On the hill, you can barely tell from afar.

When we replanted the hill, the mulch went into the dirt. Weeds were taking over. I'm glad I won't have that battle to fight anymore.

 Happy second day of Spring!


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