Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Week

I have gotten to spend some quality time with my boys this week. It is so much fun to stay home with them and watch them. I think they're a joy.

Little JCrew has this thing with telling the dogs to "hush." Even when they aren't barking. He's done extremely well without the paci. Almost two weeks cold turkey! We thought he'd be really grouchy, but he's actually behaving better without it. Doesn't need it to sleep either. This is great!

On Wednesday, when I made his lunch, he took it out of the bowl and put it in his frying pan.

Guess I didn't cook it long enough!

Balancing Act

Mr. Brigglesworth is growing too fast. He's hitting too many milestones close together. Last Monday, at exactly 23 weeks, he rolled over. It was in slow motion. So slow, that I had time to yell, "Look, look, look, look" to Mr. JCrew. He repeated it and didn't do it again till the next day.

He has his daddy's hair!
 Now he's a rolling over champ and loves to show off.

He's still a happy baby that loves to smile.

I honestly think his legs are getting longer (I didn't say thinner.) He had some stumpy legs from Day 1. Or maybe it was the shoes.

There was one or two times this past week that Mr. JCrew watched the boys while I was gone. He had both of the boys in their "recliners" watching the 'Sound of Music.'

Looks like they enjoyed themselves.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. I'm so glad you've gotten to spend some good time with your boys. And good job Little JCrew with no paci! That's always such a stressful time...more for the parents than the child, usually! And can I just say "well done" to Mr. JCrew on his choice of movies? Hunter's never even seen Sound of Music...but it's on my list to make him watch.

  2. Whenever I comment about R knowing about something, he blames it on having sisters! Ha!


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