Friday, March 15, 2013

Green Mountain

I had heard of this beautiful lake on Green Mountain. I envisioned it being FAR away. Before Mr. Brigglesworth was born, my parents took Little JCrew fishing there all the time.


We finally got to explore this beautiful site.


I had seen pictures my photographer took of a family and asked her where it was. She told me ‘Green Mountain.’ I then knew it couldn’t be too far. And it’s not. It’s just on the other side of the city.

It lived up to my expectations. They have a famous covered bridge.


Little JCrew loved it in there. He didn’t want to leave. He started to, but turned right back around.


Little did I know, that is where he fishes with his Mimi and Poppi. I found out that tidbit later and then it all made sense. He stands on those log stools with his fishing pole out the window.


There is a walking trail that goes around the entire lake.


There is even a small church.


And a log cabin with the story of Green Mountain.


A man from Germany came to the United States through New York. He lived in Georgia and had two children. Shortly after the second child’s birth, his wife passed. He remarried three years later and the family was moving to Texas. On their journey, they stopped in Alabama because his pregnant wife could not travel any further. He then bought 320 acres, now called Green Mountain, and raised twelve children.

How cool is that? You just stop a trip and buy some land and stay! And twelve children!! Back then, your retirement plan was your kids!

The trail was perfect. You knew where the path was, but it wasn’t an eyesore.


Little JCrew rocked it! He walked the entire way and didn’t slow down!


He also loved waving ‘hi’ to every.single.person we crossed. (I think we were walking against traffic.)


It was a great day with our little family of four. With our lives being as hectic as they are, it’s nice to spend time with my crew.


Green Mountain will be our family’s ‘Go-To’ place to get away from it all and focus on us.

Have a great weekend!

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