Thursday, March 14, 2013

Signs of Spring

We had some uncharacteristically warm January and February days this year. It teased some grass into turning green.


And my Daylilies are sprouting back up.


I love being outside so much and have missed being able to go on walks.

IMG_3922w (448 x 600)

At our house, we’re a mix of irritable and totally content. We’re tired of grey skies and wet clay, but we enjoy cuddling inside a warm house.

It’s hard to tell your 18-month old he can’t go outside and play. Some days we strap on what we call his ‘Mud Dobbers’ and bundle him up in layers of play clothes just so he can go outside and get dirty.

IMG_9523w (400 x 600)

Luckily, March is suppose to be mild. My green thumb is so excited. I’m ready to play in some dirt.

Things are already starting to show that Spring is a few weeks away.

The maple trees are blooming.



The daffodils are blooming.


(I always wanted a two-tone daffodil, and now I have one!)


And today the flowerbeds will get new mulch!


Spring is always welcomed around here. It’s such a refreshing view after a colorless Winter.

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