Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kids = Bright Colors

I’ve been reflecting a lot on colors lately. When I’ve picked paint colors to paint rooms, I am not the dare-devil you think I am. (Okay, maybe I’m a timid person in real life, too). I tend to be VERY neutral with my color choices and it is my goal to do a color analysis on my house, someday soon.
My reasoning for going bland on a wall color is so that I can use pops of color in my accessories. They aren’t so permanent. But I’ve noticed I can be bland with my accessories, too.
Condo Colors
Condo Master
Then I had kids. Ever noticed how bright children’s toys are? By the time I was getting ready for Mr. Brigglesworth to be born, I embraced the bright colors and incorporated them into his room.
Baby B's Giraffe
I really liked displaying bright toys against the white bookcases in the playroom.
Play Room Bookcases
And I made sure that when I painted the train table, I did not pick a muted green or blue.
Train Table
I felt bold picking bold colors. I was stepping outside of my comfort zone.

When I was on maternity leave, one of the projects I didn’t get to was painting the school chairs my mom found. They are the perfect size for Little JCrew and he loves them.
School Chair
I first thought of multi-colored chairs. Each piece of the chair would be a different bright color.
school chairs
That idea was nixed and then I thought multi-colored hues of blue! And there I went back into my safe zone. The blues would go with the room and I would have no worries. I even thought of doing an argyle pattern underneath the lip of the seat in a bold color (that way it would not be so bold). 
 Bright Chair
I slapped my hand a couple times to snap out of the neutral zone. I pulled the plug and went bold!
IMG_9585 (600 x 400)
I didn’t let myself leave the store without the paint. I picked my swatches in the store and didn’t give myself time to change my mind.
While the gentleman mixed my sample paints, I started having regrets! Hoping I had picked the right shade.
I did go kind of muted on the colors, but not as much as I could have. I had my paint swatch of the blue the wall color is and both the yellow and orange went with the blue! Praise!
IMG_9589 (400 x 600)
I was so excited to paint my chairs and have fun colors greet me as I walk into the room.
I primed the chairs with Kilz.
I put nails in the bottom of the chairs.
This helped keep them off the ground so I could paint the bottom of the legs without painting them to the paper they were on.
I primed the chairs after the kids went to bed.
I put the first coat of paint on and stored the roller in a plastic bag. I didn’t want to wash it inbetween coats or have the roller dry out.
I asked Mr. JCrew’s opinion on the chair colors and he commented that they looked like they belonged in a Mexican-themed restaurant. I told my mom his opinion thinking she’d laugh with me, and she agreed with him. HA! I’m still proud for going bold.
After painting the chairs, I sealed them with a Polyurethane top-coat. Now they can be roughed up by the kids and not bruise.
Maybe one day I’ll write their names on the chairs. I almost said I’d wait until they are old enough to pick their favorite color, but then they might be too big to use the chairs. And what if yellow or orange isn’t their favorite color? I’ll just do it one day and they’ll have to use the chair I give them. Heck. They may never pay attention to that detail and sit in whatever chair they want.
Well, I’m happy I finally got to paint my chairs. AND I was adventurous in my color choice!

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