Friday, May 24, 2013

Aunt Kerry

We are very lucky that my sister, Kerry, gets to visit us twice a year. Growing up, we only saw our out-of-state relatives once a year, if that!

Kerry came into town last Saturday in time for Mother’s Day. Mom had us over for dinner and we took some pictures, of course.


We had a little fun trying to get the kids to smile.


Little JCrew LOVES Kerry’s dogs. They’re Chihuahua’s and they are the perfect size.


There was a lot of spoiling going on. Just one day with Aunt Kerry and Mr. Brigglesworth did not want to be put down.


The kids got a lot of “go-see-do” action while Kerry was here. And they were on their best behavior (except for the swimming lessons!)

IMG_1197 (400 x 600)

Little JCrew showed his Aunt Kerry how he climbs the playground ladder by himself and glides down the slide, too!

Mr. Brigglesworth got his first experience in the swing. He loved it.

IMG_6613 (600 x 600)

Kerry left Monday morning and the boys made her a ‘Thank You’ card.


Little JCrew was all about painting his hand. Mr. Brigglesworth cried!


It’s taken all week to get back to normal. Mr. Brigglesworth misses you, Kerry!!


Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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