Monday, May 27, 2013


The month of May is coming to an end, and my irises have finished blooming.
I had no idea that my paternal grandmother use to ‘raise’ irises until my dad told me a couple weeks ago.

Early last Fall, I shared with you that I divided my irises that Mr. JCrew’s Nana gave us. They were only in one spot of the yard, and I wanted to put them in other spots to enjoy.
Now that I have them in all the locations I want, I am leaving them alone so they can fill those areas.
I had a lot of fun guessing where the colors were scattered around.
They are already providing a lot of beauty.
One plant had 14 buds on it!
And it was my favorite color!
The story behind the gifting was that Nana gave me the irises when we still didn’t know if Little JCrew was a boy or girl. She knew though! We had the ultrasound tech write down the answer in an envelope and we mailed it to her. She told me that the irises bloom color would give away what the baby would be. No worries, it would not bloom before we found out.
a nana envelope (400 x 600)
After we found out, she sent the envelope back to us with a picture of the irises in her yard before she sent them.
Nana Iris Collage (600 x 600)
Besides the blue, there were also some gold ones in there.
They are so grand to look at.
I can’t wait for them to get fuller. I’m glad that I spaced them out in my yard. They are the first things to bloom.
Thank you so much, Nana, for my beautiful Iris!IMG_0646

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  1. Gorgeous! I love irises. We just don't have enough sunny places in our yard for everything I want to plant! I LOVE that those are Little J Crew's color, too. What a sweet way to remember all the fun you guys had finding out he was a boy.


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