Friday, May 17, 2013


I’ve hinted around the subject of Little JCrew talking in previous posts. He has his own language. Occasionally, an English word sneaks into his sentences.

He has two words that he uses clearly and in the correct context; ball and juice. No mama or dada. Just ball and juice!

The other day, he saw the soccer balls in the garage. He says, “ball” each time he sees them. This recent time, he was talking jibberish. “Gaba daba beeka deeble BALL gaba ooo peeky daba.” He sure knew what he was saying, and the only thing I understood was “ball.”

The way he says his English words is SOOO cute. Mr. JCrew adores the way Little JCrew says “juice.” He use to go to the fridge and look at it to signal to us that he wanted something to drink.

Now, we have to be careful of saying the word in front of him. The second we say “juice” he thinks, “Hey, I am thirsty!” And then he starts repeating the word while he runs to the kitchen. Mr. JCrew had been begging me to catch it on film. Easier said than done. The kid gets camera shy and frustrated when you whip out a camera instead of his juice cup.

I finally caught it. The juice cup was on the drying rack on the counter. In the video, he is saying “juice” while pointing to the cup. Momma likes to play dumb and pretend she doesn’t see it while I video him.

W saying “Juice”

I’m so proud he is using his words. It’s not many, but they are precious.

Ball and juice cover all his needs. What more do you need in life?

Mr. Brigglesworth has something to catch on camera, too. Mom said I needed to capture how he eats his food. When you put in non-pureed food he twirls it around with his tongue and it’s funny to watch. I purposefully fed him crust last night to get it on tape.

B eating

Have a great weekend!!

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