Friday, May 31, 2013

Novel Worthy

Little JCrew loves to read! We noticed this when he took my grocery list and started talking and nodding his head as if he were reading it aloud to me.

He tries to read everything; receipts, lists, manuals, magazines, coupons, and books. Anything with words.

When we focus on one word, he just stares. Sometimes he stares at my mouth; other times he stares at the word. Never does he try to repeat what I say. Only once has he repeated me when I said “ABC.” Strong-will! He listens and will repeat maybe a week later.

IMG_1561w (600 x 400)

I have a shelf of books that I got to read during the 10-day power outage we had after the April 27, 2011 tornados. I’m not a big novel reader, but it was something to fill time.

Little JCrew likes to take these books down and pretend to read. The other day, he took one down to hand to Mr. JCrew. He took another down and they both started reading.


W “reading”

This is a perfect sample of his jibberish. Notice how he moves that tongue and lips? Diction, my friends!

I was the same way with my cursive when I was little. I knew about cursive, but had not officially learned it, so I pretended. I created “waves” as my cursive. Short waves for short words and long waves for longer words.

pretend cursive (600 x 400)

And, yes, I would make sure the spaces in the rows DIDN’T line up with each other.

Mr. Brigglesworth got his first ride in the cozy coupe.

IMG_1518 (600 x 400)

IMG_1540w (600 x 400)

I hope you have a great weekend.

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