Monday, June 3, 2013

Vinegar As a Weed Killer

I tried a little trick I read on Pinterest.

You could use vinegar to kill weeds! It was much more echo friendly than Round-up.


The plan was to spray the vinegar around the rock edging in the yard to encourage the grass to stop. The warning for vinegar was that it is not bias to just weeds and would kill anything, so be careful.

I decided to try it in my veggie garden. We didn’t have time to devote to the vegetables this year, so we didn’t plant anything. However, the weeds started coming up.


This was the perfect test spot. People claimed that the vinegar kills the weeds in less than an hour. I checked on mine after an hour, and they were still standing!


Maybe it wasn’t hot enough outside? Maybe it didn’t work because it was raining outside? Who knows. Bottomline, it didn’t work.


Only a dew brown leaves showed up, so, I just weeded the area myself. I left the really big ones to use a shovel on. I left them for two weeks (until the next available free time I had.) I was surprised to see the tall weed had died!


Little JCrew helped me with the shoveling of the bigger weeds.


Much better. Disappointed the vinegar did not work. At least it wasn’t an expensive project.


I will say, I read other pins that had Dawn mixed with vinegar to kill weeds. But then I saw the one about just vinegar, and thought, “Why add Dawn if I don’t have to?” After the failure with just vinegar, it’s my assumption that Dawn is a critical ingredient.


  1. We had looked into that too, but I think it has to be a special higher concentration of vinegar that you can't buy at the grocery store; therefore, it's more expensive. That's funny that Dawn and vinegar could potentially work because that's exactly what I use to clean my shower!

    1. Blakeley, I use vinegar for cleaning, too! I was told to use it on my hardwood floors and now I use it for everything. So much better than the chemicals. I'll have to try it with Dawn in the shower now!

  2. nope. the dawn and vinegar thing doesn't work either. I tried it last year. it didn't work. I was bummed too

  3. Great to know the feedback, ladies. I was all hopeful I had found a cheap and easy solution! Grr.


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