Friday, June 7, 2013

Animal Lovers

I grew up around animals and loved it. But I can’t claim to be the animal lover in my family. That goes to my sister, Logan. She runs and manages a sanctuary for once neglected and abused farm animals. It’s called Kindred Spirits Sanctuary.

Logan has always been identified as an animal lover. Each Christmas she asked Santa for an Ostrich! She is such the animal lover, that she is a devoted Vegan. It makes sense.

I knew I would raise my kids around animals, and I’ve had so much fun seeing Little JCrew’s love for animals grow. We have two dogs that get all kinds of crazy attention from the little guys.

IMG_1632w (600 x 400)

Little JCrew was young when he started hugging his play animals.

IMG_2364w (400 x 600)

He even tries to feed is play animals.

IMG_1625w (600 x 400)

He loves our dogs and gives them hugs and kisses.

IMG_6739w (448 x 600)

Yes, in the above picture he is attempting to shave Anderson. I don’t know how friendly this looks. But, I promise, the guard was on and once I snapped the humorous picture, I took the razor away. Maybe he thought it was a scratching tool?

IMG_1636w (400 x 600)

I have been so impressed with how our dogs are handling two kids. Mr. Brigglesworth pokes them in the eyes, puts his finger up their noses and pulls their ears.

IMG_6749w (448 x 600)

And they still come back for more.

IMG_0149w (400 x 600)

This love extends to all kinds of animals. He talks to and pets the fake bunny in my mom’s yard. He points out every bird that flies overhead.

IMG_9454 (400 x 600)

My sister sends videos of the animals she works with. On Monday’s she volunteers with exotics, so we’ve seen pictures of tigers. One of his favorite videos was of the cows. They came out to see him. He immediately started “Moo’ing” back to them.

Kindred Spirits Cows

His current favorite animal is the cow. If I were to throw him a party for his second birthday, it would be cow-themed. He has toy cows that he puts on the window ledge at my parents' house. They look out the window and are there when I pick him up.

I can’t wait to take him to the zoo. And I can’t wait to take him back to the Sanctuary. He was just a wee one when we were there last. And he slept through a lot of it.

cow (600 x 400)
goat (600 x 400)
horse (600 x 400)

I can’t claim to be the animal lover like my sister, but I do love animals. Animals make me so happy, and it makes me happy to see my boys enjoying them, too.

IMG_1638w (400 x 600)
Have a great weekend!!

(Note: All pictures are of Anderson. Colby is still warming up to the kids, but is doing a really good job. He’s just camera shy and Anderson wants all the glory!)

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