Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Oh, man!! I could eat these kids up! There is such a sweet love between these brothers.

Last year’s Father’s Day, I made a book to give to Mr. JCrew. It was a book of just him and Little JCrew pictures. It may not have been his preferred gift, but I liked it!

This year for Mother’s Day I got a fruit basket.

This was more of a gift for Mr. JCrew to store all his fruit and veggies, but I wanted it so that I didn’t have all the food taking up precious counter space. I LOVE it. I was picky about looks and how much it could hold. It holds everything! It can be found here. (And it's currently on sale!!)

But for an actual Father’s Day gift, Mr. JCrew got himself a new grill. I was not ready to spend a lot of money, but we found one on sale and he was happy.

That was about a month ago. I couldn't let the holiday pass without doing something. So, the boys and I made Mr. JCrew a magnet. We can display it on our fridge, or if he’s brave enough, he can take it to work and put it on his file cabinet. 

I painted Mr. Brigglesworth’s feet first and made a heart shape on the canvas. Then I painted Little JCrew’s feet and made another heart shape.

I did Little JCrew’s last because I knew that once he saw paint, he’d be all in it and I wouldn’t be able to finish.

Sure enough, that’s what he did. I let him paint and then he started painting his feet.

I now have a copy-cat in the house! I have to now be careful about using a stool to stand on so I can reach into a tall cabinet. I turn around and there is Little JCrew with a stool, STANDING on it like Momma!!

I thought him painting his feet was cute, but not when he wanted to get up and go get juice! I had wipes on hand to quickly wipe him down and the paint is super easy to clean up.

With the paint out, we also made my dad his Father’s Day gift from the boys. My dad was a cattle buyer and his degree is in Animal Husbandry. I could have gotten creative with making animals out of the kids’ hands and feet, but I settled on a tractor and trailer.

I did Mr. Brigglesworth’s foot first and was surprised at how big his foot is! It took up almost half the page. I was anticipating my trailer to be smaller. Once I had both boys footprints, I drew lines and wheels to turn it into a tractor and trailer.

I thought it turned out cute! Next up was to write words on both pieces.

We added a little detail to the feet with the boys' initials.

I cannot say thank you to the men in my life enough. My dad has been there to support me and my endeavors for the past almost 31 years. And Mr. JCrew has put up with me gracefully for the last five and a half! Both men treat my little guys the best that I could ask for. Little JCrew and Mr. Brigglesworth adore my dad and adore their dad. We are always thankful, not just on Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there.

And before I let you go, I have to share with you a new thing Little JCrew is doing. He can now "cheese" for the camera!

I was taking a picture of him and Mr. JCrew. He noticed me and said, "cheese!" He is a ham!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey there! Your google+ profile led me to your blog - you have such sweet boys! I meant to get your email address at swim lessons this morning to send you a few pictures I took a couple weeks ago. Mine is

  2. such great pics. I love those boys. the cards came out great.

    1. And they love and miss you! Thank you!


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