Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Attitude Changer: Quote #6

In these related posts, I am sharing quotes from a wonderful book called, “Lead the Field’ by Earl Nightingale.

In summary, the book talks about your attitude. It determines your actions, as well as the actions of others. Mr. Nightingale takes our lame excuses for NOT being successful and refutes them all.

Today’s Quote: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.”
Without a goal there can be no success. Success is not a destination but a journey. Anyone who is on course toward a worthy goal is successful. Success does not lie in the achievement of a goal but in its pursuit. Success is a journey! We’re successful as long as we’re working toward something we want to bring about in our lives. The road is better than the end. Success is being on the road toward something we want to bring about. We must have balanced lives with many goals but then we must work at only one at a time. Anyone working toward any worthwhile goal is as successful as anyone else. We are happiest when we are working toward goals we have established for ourselves.

Success is whatever we want it to be – worthy of us whether it be real or an ideal.

A while back, Mr. JCrew and I had a talk about my need for house projects. I came to a realization. I get enjoyment out of planning. I find something that can be done by myself and I research how to do it. I’ve researched how to build a pergola, how to build furniture, how to make my own laundry detergent and all sorts of things. I get down in the weeds. When a project is complete, I start a new project. My happiness comes from the direction, not the arrival. I’m excited to see the end product, but I move on. I do stare at my finished products with satisfaction. More satisfaction than from things I bought. I know how much effort went into each project and that I did it myself!

Back when we bought our house I had a five-year yard plan and a five-year house project plan. This was based on money available. I also realized that even if I had all the money at once, I’d still space out all my projects just the same. I wouldn’t want everything to be done at once. I like the journey of getting there.

I take pride in my yard. I remember the blank canvas I was given the day of closing.

I remember the first trees that I planted the day that Mr. JCrew separated from the Air Force.

We nicknamed them our love ferns.

Those trees now have grown so much.

I don’t think I would have appreciated the trees so much had I planted huge trees to begin with. It’s been an exciting journey to watch my plants grow. I’ve given them care and they are rewarding me with their beauty. 

I naturally built my five–year plans because it help me achieve my big goals. Big goal=a beautiful yard. Small goal #1 = plant 3 trees. Each small goal helps achieve the bigger goal. You get the happiness of success all along the way. Even if the bigger goal hasn’t been met yet.

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