Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is a very special lady’s birthday! My mom!

The last few holiday’s I have not been creative with my gifts. I’ve been in a rut, and cash is the easiest thing. But starting now, I’m getting my gift mojo back!

In a magazine dated back in 2010, my mom found a sign she wanted. 

The $130 price tag scared us away, but I told her we could make it.

Again, that was 2010! Three LONG years ago and I still never made it for her. Maybe I was preoccupied with making babies.

The thought crossed my mind as I had leftover pallet wood from when I was making the pallet wall in Mr. Brigglesworth’s room. I could use the wood as the base and she’d love it. But I still never made it.

Mother’s Day came and went, and I was the bad daughter. The magazine has sat open to the page of the sign and had a thick layer of dust on it.

I busted out the scrap pieces of wood. 

I used my leftover paint stir sticks from the lampshade to hold them all together.

Next up was to write on the wood. I had the hardest time figuring out how I wanted to do this. I had seen tricks on how to print on paper and transfer it, but was scared. I couldn’t find the right size stencils, but using the stencils would be a long process. I then told myself I had pretty handwriting and that would work just fine. Plus, Mom would like to see her child’s handwriting, right?

I used a white paint pen and started copying the definition of the word, “Laundry.”

Yep, we liked the wording for the definition best. It was part of the reason I saved the magazine all these years. I didn’t want just any saying on it.

I was really excited to give it to my mom today, so I gave it to her yesterday! It’s something she wanted and I promised I would make it. 

She's already put it up outside her laundry room.

She already got her first present on Monday.

She had her eye on that doorbell. It was delivered at 2PM and she has it installed by 4PM when I came to pick up the boys.

Happy birthday, Mom! I hope this birthday is the greatest!


  1. love the laundry sign. you did a great job. awesome door bell too. and I love her house numbers. where did she find those

  2. She made them! Found old door knob back plates, painted them, and that was it! Thank you! I'll tell her.

  3. oh I see it. I love it too.


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