Sunday, August 25, 2013

Little JCrew's Second Birthday

Alright... I missed Family Friday, and I have family waiting for pictures from yesterday, so I am posting on a Sunday.

Little JCrew's second birthday was yesterday. All in one day he decided to grow up. He climbed the stairs like a grown up; using the handrail and not crawling. He is using more words to communicate and it is AWESOME!

 Mr. JCrew and I gave him a harmonica. He loved it!

Nana and Boppa sent a gift, too.

It was perfect that his birthday fell on a Saturday. We turned our backyard into a farm and invited all the kids in his age-group.

The morning started off with my sister sending birthday messages from the cows, pigs and sheep on her farm. They were awesome and repeatedly watched for an hour.

The crowd was a good mix of our family, friends and neighbors.

Little JCrew bounced everywhere! He loved having so many friends to play with.

Birthday boy even convinced his friends to pull him around in the wagon.

Little JCrew loves animals. His favorite is a cow. I almost did a milk and cookies theme for his party, but I didn't want just cows since he likes all animals.

I used Paperless Post to send out his invitations. It's like evite.


The back yard was setup with stations.

We had Wagon Rides, Milk Jug Throw,

the OK Corral.

Hay Bale Toss

Cake Walk, Duck Pond, a Barn, and a Cow Pasture.

We drew arrows on the sidewalk to tell people to come straight to the backyard.

We did the cake walk activity first. We played kid tunes and the kids won "cowcakes" as their prizes.

There was a lot of cake. The cupcakes had toppers that had a front and back side to them.

The duck pond was a last minute idea that was a hit. Little JCrew loved it. We couldn't get him to leave.

Other kids loved it as well.

The "Cow Pasture" was a last minute idea that was a surprise hit. I made onesies for the dogs to wear to dress up like cows. I decided to use the "octagon" that I use when I take the boys to watch soccer games and use it to contain the dogs. I knew there were some kids that didn't like, dogs but I didn't want to cage them in the house either.

It ended up having kids in the pasture with the dogs.

It was such a hot day, the kids were sweating! Wish it had been as cool as it was last week.

There were wagon rides and horses to ride on.

Family was inside keeping cool.

The food was inside and directed by a sign.

I had fun coming up with ideas for the food.

The Oreo's were "Tractor Wheels."

The Chex Mix was "Chicken Feed."

Rice Krispie Treats were "Hay Bales."

My favorite was the "Mud." I made little pink pig cookies to stick in chocolate pudding.

There was also some real food besides just sweets. We had a Chick-Fil-A Nugget trey, veggies and fruit.

For the favors, we put together little goody bags for all the toddlers. They were cow print bags with a pinwheel, stickers, a bookmark/ruler and orange mints.

Little JCrew really did have a blast with all the company.

My dad was in the hospital this week. As of noon Saturday, it did not look like he would be discharged in time and he was a grumpy Poppi knowing he'd miss his grandson's party. At around 3:45, Little JCrew started saying, "Poppa" and looking out the window. Puppy and Poppi sound very much alike, so I didn't know which word he was saying. Sure enough, I see my mom and dad coming around the side of the house. Dad was discharged! He was so excited to be here... we all were.

There was so much cuteness in the backyard with all the kiddos.

The mess afterward was so rewarding.

The kids had fun, and that was the whole goal.

If you follow me on Instagram, the whole week I was using the hastag #WilksTurnsTwo. I'd post a daily picture of Little JCrew with that hashtag. I even used the hashtag as part of party decorations.

I was hoping our technology savvy crowd would have status updates or pictures and use the hashtag. Sure enough, they did!

Pretty cool!

At the end of the day, he was all smiles. That's all I had hoped for. Seeing him really enjoy himself.

Happy birthday, my precious boy! You are very loved.


  1. Ummm, your blog is Ah!Mazing! The party was great - boys had a blast and it was great to get to know you guys better. Now, I will go on feeling inadequate as I read about your home projects ;)

    1. Thanks, Erica! We were so glad you could come and it was great talking with you. We'll have to get together more often and our boys can play!


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