Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vanity Lights

I’ve never been really fond of the bathroom lighting situation, but they weren’t ugly. I’ve lived with them for five years while I casually looked for something better.

It was very hard to find something that matched my taste. Once I saw these lights, I fell in love.

However, they were bronze. I had no plans to replace our faucets with bronze fixtures, but wondered how the lights would clash (or not clash) with the brushed nickel everywhere else.

I held out on buying the lights. At $99 each, I just couldn’t do it.

While my sister was in town, we were visiting Lowes and I wanted to show Mom and Kerry the lights I liked. I squealed when I saw the lights were on clearance…  $39!

I bought the three they had in the store. I then bought four more from the Lowes in Athens. (They were the only other store with the sales price AND had some in stock.)

I purchased seven because the plan was to use them in my dream house one day. That dream lasted three months and is now in my memory. Moving on …

I decided to put them up in my current bathrooms. I kinda liked them.

The bronze was not that appealing. It didn’t match.

I gave two of the light fixtures to my mom to use in her bathrooms, and they looked great! 

She has dark cabinets that made them work.

I lived with the lights bronze for a few days until I found spray paint in brushed nickel.

I quickly took the lights down and went spray paint happy.

My bathrooms are a little confused with chrome faucets and brushed nickel knobs, but at least there is not more bronze in there.

I was impressed with the spray paint job.

The bathroom now has kept the light and airy feel that I love.

I loved the bronze look on the light itself, but I had no resistance to paint a beautiful light when I got it for 60% off.

I’m much happier with the lights and they provide to much more light, too!

I’ve already found a new home for the old lights and sold the remainder. Details coming soon.

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