Monday, August 19, 2013

Chandelier Switcheroo

All the way back in December of 2009, I updated our master bathroom lighting by hanging a crystal chandelier over the bathtub.

At the time, I had cable and I was a big fan of Candace Olsen. Her style dressed up any room with lighting. That was her secret weapon!

The chandelier I found was cheap and more along the lines I wanted. I wanted it to be 99% crystal. I didn’t want silver or bronze interrupting the look.

I turned the existing canned light into something that could handle a chandelier. 

The chandelier had to be hung in pieces. I installed the base first, and then started assembling it. The more I put it together, the heavier it felt. It made Mr. JCrew and I nervous to ever use the bathtub. You don’t want to be sitting under it when it crashes down!

When I took down the chandelier in the kitchen, I did not throw it away or sell it.

I loved the shape of this chandelier. I even had plans to use it again in my dream house. But instead of continuing to dream, I took it out of the attic and spray painted it gloss white!

I was unsure if I wanted it glossy, but I LOVE it.

I took the crystal chandelier apart piece by piece. I had one of the boxes that it came in and I saw where it said the weight was 13 lbs!

After I had the whole thing down, I weighed it… 20 lbs! That scares me.

I quickly put up the lighter chandelier and could finally exhale!

I’m happy with the switch for many reasons. I know it is hung correctly, it doesn’t weigh a ton, and it’s less ‘noise’ than the other chandelier. The chandeliers were practically the same size.

But the difference is unreal. It looks more like me.

I don’t think the old chandelier was meant for wet areas. It was starting to rust.

I’ve enjoyed this switcheroo so much. 

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