Friday, August 30, 2013

My Boys ... and Girl!

My little boys are growing up!

Little JCrew turned two and became a big kid all in one day. He is saying so many words, I've stopped keeping track. Up until three weeks ago, I was able to write down his new words in his memory book. Now I don't have space for all the words.

For my birthday, Mr. JCrew surprised me with a new puppy!

Her name is Kates.

Little JCrew can say her name so well and he loves to call her.

It's so different to say "she", "her" and "girl" in this house full of boys!

At last week's party for Little JCrew, I set up the duck pond early to see how hard it would be to get the signs in the yard. Little JCrew loved playing in the duck pond and I couldn't get him away.

Mr. Brigglesworth is a ham! He is on the move. The day after Little JCrew's birthday, he took his first steps!

I haven't caught it on video yet, but he's taking those steps on his own. In the video, you can see how well he can keep his balance.

At the dinner table, we're working on him feeding himself.

He loves food and he makes a mess to show his enjoyment!

And if you ever see something random posted by me on Facebook, the blog or by email, it would be from my assistant, Little JCrew.

Caught him on my Facebook account last night.

I'm very excited realizing Monday is a holiday and football season has started! UCF played Acron last night with a 38-7 WIN! Go Knights!

Happy Friday, y'all!!

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