Saturday, August 31, 2013

Video Updates - Colors, Dancing and Walking

I have more videos to share.


I am in love with the above video!! This was taken at church last Sunday. I wish I knew how to download it to save, but embedding it in this post is good enough for me right now.

He's already a performer. I was known to break out into song and dance in my preschool years. I think I even got an award for being the entertainment in class. HA!

Little JCrew had his two-year old doctor appointment. We are rarely early and I was excited to think they might call us back early. Instead, we watched others come in after us and get called back. So, we played a game in the waiting room. After we had been playing a while, I decided to record it. He lasted just a little bit longer before being distracted.

His favorite color is orange. He loves to find everything that is orange in the produce section of the grocery. And at the doctor's office, they asked what color room he wanted to go into... the Orange one!

And I finally got a decent video of Mr. Brigglesworth walking. He is improving everyday.

I feel like time is slipping away. My boys are growing up. I just want to play with my boys all weekend and soak up the innocent age they are right now. Discover along side with them and enjoy their smiles.

Happy Saturday!

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