Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finding Homes for My Electric Lanterns

I had four lanterns that I madeelectric. They now needed homes.

My mom already had the same lanterns on her side porch, and I decided to give her one of my small ones to replace the light fixture by her front door.

Their previous lantern is just like mine on the front porch, I’d love to replace mine, but I need a little light there because of the storm door that hits it when open.

All I had to do was cut off the plug and actually hook up the lanterns to a light switch!

I just took down her old light and hung up the new one.

We bought a switch plate with a small hole to cover up the electrical box and allow for the cord to come through.

I think it looks lovely!

With my remaining small lantern, I put it back where it was on the back porch.

I drilled a hole in the mortar.

Then cut the plug off the cord and fed it through the hole down the wall.

It wasn’t as easy as it should have been. I couldn’t take the box out of the wall, so I was trying to fish the wire somehow.

My mom let me borrow a light. It was pretty cool. It let me see better.

I still couldn’t see the cord!!! I then taped a magnet onto the end of the wire and fed it back into the hole in the wall outside.

The light I borrowed had a magnetized end.

Back when I added the lanterns on thefront of the house, I didn’t have to worry about feeding the wire through the wall. I just made a hole in the garage.

With the two big lanterns, I rearranged my porch furniture and put a lantern on the side table.

The other lantern, I put back on the wall where it use to be.

I taped the white wires with electrical tape, to blend them in.

Then Gorilla tape to securely keep the wire close to the lantern.

I then bought a brown extension cord and a cover connector and buried the cord along the edge of the patio.

The two lanterns are connected to a timer. It is a dusk-to-dawn or 2-hr, 4-hr, 6-hr, 8-hr timer for only $10.

Because it has a photosensor, I couldn't hide it like I wanted it to, but I drew attention away from it with the plants.

I’m really excited about my new outdoor space. We were toying with the idea of screening in the porch, and luckily it didn’t work out.

I really like not being confined to the porch. And the new arrangement of furniture is currently in the way of where a wall would be.

They provide just enough light at night. They come on everynight for two hours.

With the other lights on, the place it lit up very well.

Even without the other lights, it's nice to have a light on  in the backyard, too.

I was really excited about turning my lanterns into something that worked, and now I’m even more excited I found a home for them!

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