Friday, September 20, 2013

Two Briggs

I really tried hard to provide my children with unique, but classy names. Names that are not Hollywood-crazy, but unique enough, that they will never run into another one like them. And if they did, they would not be close in age.

It’s hard deciding on a name. I was looking for names I liked and wouldn’t grow tired of. My list of names I made in middle school were dated by the time I got into college (Bailey, MacKenzie, Kylie, etc). You can tell a child’s age by their name. My name, Lindsay, is an 80’s girl name. It was a male name before that, and during the 90’s people got crazy with their spellings of Lindsay.

I did know that at the time of Mr. Brigglesworth’s birth, another Briggs was born. However, he was in Pennsylvania. His parents really liked the names Trigg and Tripp (from the Palin’s) but didn’t want to be associated with an infatuation with the Palin’s. So, they found a similar name, Briggs.

I love seeing them walk together, hand-in-hand.

I chose the name because I liked it. I had a friend growing up with the last name of Briggs. Then it was during a football game years back, that I saw the name on the back of a jersey and told Mr. JCrew that I would love to use that as a first name. Years later, I fought to use that name! (Once I get an idea in my head, and I can visualize it, it’s usually set!) Plus, it went with Wilks. I like family names to correlate, but not match. Names that are related by style.

I love baby pajamas!

Most people respond the same to the name. They are indifferent. Rarely do I find someone who loves it. When I do, I feel a special bond with that person. They get me; we must be similar; we could get along perfectly!

Imagine my jaw dropping when I pull a piece of paper out of Little JCrew’s school folder and see the name, Briggs, on the sheet. It was the snack schedule for the month of October.

Kates loves paper and got to this piece quickly!

Holy moly, there was another weird coincidence. Briggs’ name was written on Mr. Brigglesworth’s birthday, October 1st!!! (I am a weird girl that looks at numbers and tries to find relationships. Remember how I made relationships with Little JCrew’s birthday? 8/24 …  2*4=8 … 24 is 8 days after 16 (which is my birthday.)) How cool!

My mind then immediately started wondering what Little JCrew thought of this. His classmate has the same name as his brother! I could totally see this coming if I chose the name, John. How does a two-year-old grasp this?

Here I thought I had unique names, and Little JCrew ends up with a Briggs in his class. I am unaware if this Briggs is a boy or girl. His class is small and I’ve only seen two other boys, and I know one of them is Cooper.

I think that it is really neat to have another Briggs in the same city as mine. He shouldn’t feel so weird by his name then. Although, it is pretty cool to have a name unique enough that when people say it, they know which person you are. I am the only Lindsay at my job, and I like it. Much different than school, where I went by “Lindsay W.”

Changing topics a little and giving a short update on the boys. Nothing new, other than Mr. Brigglesworth walking more independently. He just pulls up on something and walks the halls. I think it’s the cutest thing to watch. He is a little person roaming around the house. If you leave him somewhere, he will come find you!

So close to capturing that sweet smile.

Have a great weekend!


  1. My mom and I love your kids' names. You have a good attitude about finding another one...I always get bent out of shape when I hear about another Blakeley! I never found another one until at least high school, though. Now it seems like they're everywhere!

    1. Thanks, Blakeley! I knew we were best buds! I always thought it was so cool that you married someone that also had a unique name! You "go" together! At least you are the oldest Blakeley! You were cool before all the little Blakeley's came about!


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