Friday, September 13, 2013

The Jenson Boys September Update

My little boys are growing up! Little JCrew just turned two, and Mr. Brigglesworth is less than three weeks away from turning one!

Little JCrew and Mr. Brigglesworth are at my favorite age. Well, it's my favorite that I know of. Each age gets better and better!

Little JCrew LOVES to read. I found him in his room on his own with the train book he loves.

He and Mr. JCrew read it a lot. It's one of my favorites, too!

Story-time with these boys is awesome. Mr. Brigglesworth is more into it.

Their 'Animal Faces' book from Aunt Logan is a favorite. Lots of laughs come from that one.

Mr. Brigglesworth gets better and better with his walking. I put shoes on him now to go to church. Now that he wants to walk everywhere, his feet get dirty. He wasn't too sure about the shoes. (Shooies, as Little JCrew calls them.)

He loves to walk holding on to our hands. When we say we're going to go brush our teeth or go upstairs, Mr. Brigglesworth is all about walking like a big kid!

Little JCrew started preschool after Labor Day, going two days a week. I wasn't planning to do it this soon, but an opening came up while we were on the waitlist and I didn't want to miss the opportunity. So far, he loves it! He kissed me many times when I picked him up the first day. I took that as a "Thank you" for letting him have so much fun!

The boys have so much fun playing together. Mr. Brigglesworth is in love with his big brother.

He can be discontent with Mom and Dad, but as soon as you let him be with his brother, all is right in the world.

Mr. Brigglesworth had a growth spurt, but he's still not as tall as Little JCrew. One day, I'm expecting them to be the same height.

Mr. Brigglesworth can multi-task!

I love this boy's crazy hair. His bed-head is fantastic. It's getting to where it lays down a little bit more, but I just love it!

I'll leave you with a video of Mr. Brigglesworth and his improved walking skills. We see less of him using the wall as security and more walking on his own to get to different rooms. It is so neat to see him and Little JCrew walk side-by-side! Little JCrew doesn't know what to think yet!

And another video of Little JCrew singing along to his Little Einsteins video from the Williams. Annie asks viewers to help her purple plane lift off by singing and raising their arms up.

Okay, one more video. I know the family loves these. Here is Mr. Brigglesworth talking on the phone. He and Little JCrew knew what to do with a phone VERY early on. The aim is way past his ear, but he still gets the concept!

I'm ready for the weekend. We are taking to boys to the Oktoberfest activities, and I think they'll like it. They may be too young for the rides, but they love being outdoors with lots of people.

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. love that he loves the train book. it is super awesome. miss you guys

    1. Oh, yes! Thank you for that book. I love it. Miss you, too!


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