Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Second Step to Lighten Up Our Dark Space

I waited to see if painting the bathroom would be enough to light up the space by itself, but the conclusion came that more lights needed to be added.

Bonus Bath Before Lighting

I waited until the attic was properly insulated before I tackled this project. What’s nice is without all the insulation on the floor of the attic, I can see where all of the wiring is. It’s pretty nice!

Icynene Foam Insulation

Looking at the bathroom, the ceiling is slanted and there is no place for a light over the mirror. Unless you want it to look silly.


This was also at the time when I was looking for new homes for my lanterns, but the lanterns were too big. You’d be hitting your head on them to sit on the toilet.

 lantern outside

I had my eyes on these beauties and I know they’d be perfect, but I can’t shell that kind of money for lights.

light Collage

I have found many beautiful lights with high price tags, but I can’t understand why. Oh, well. Maybe if one day I have money lying around, I can get them. :)

Instead of buying lights, I used the old ones I took down out of my master bathroom.

Now, I lived with these for four years and although they are not my preferred style, I can still live with them.

Old light fixture in guest bath

The lights would go up on either side of the mirror. I was excited with this new location. The lights were just the right size.

All I had to do was to make holes in the walls, fish a wire through the hole and up the wall, then connect the wire to the light and to the power source.


Not a hard project at all.

Now, there were no existing electrical boxes, so I had to find studs. I didn’t need a junction box. I just attached the brace to the stud and made a hole for the wire.

I did make another hole so the threaded rod could go into the wall a little bit.

light wire

I could easily get to the wall by the toilet, but there was no way I could get to the other wall as easily. I couldn’t fit my hand between the walls because of a stud. So I went through the back of the closet and through the wall. Thank goodness there was a closet.

wire through closet

The new lights are awesome. Definitely brightens up the space and looks nice at the same time.

Bonus Bath Lighting

The new lights really brighten it up a lot. And they are not in the way. You can peacefully use the toilet with no head damage.

new lights

I find myself using that bathroom more and more.

new lights

While I was making the bathroom presentable, I added some new accessories.

soap dispenser

The shower curtain was too white and too short for the space.

Shower curtain - white

I have tried so hard to find extra tall shower curtains with no luck. I decided I would make my own. I found a striped curtain I was going to use and add fabric to it. But after I hung it up, I liked it “as is” and didn’t bother altering it.

Stripe shower curtain

I like the new, bigger rug, too! It’s growing on me. It’s a pop of color in the gray and white room, but the geometric pattern might be competing with the stripes.

geometric rug

All in all, we’re getting there. Now I don’t need a flashlight to go to the bathroom. (kidding, kind of.)

Before and After

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