Monday, September 9, 2013

First Step In Adding Light to Our Dark Space

The bonus bathroom has been an eyesore. It has one little light that does nothing but let you know where the toilet is. Close that shower curtain, and you won’t be able to find the soap.
Bonus Bath Before
My first step in lightening the space was to paint the walls. Once I did that, I could assess whether more lights needed to be added.
Bonus Bath Before
I was going for a light gray color. I love the bathroom gray downstairs but wondered if it was light enough to brighten up the space.
Guest Bath
I picked Benjamin Moore’s Titanium.
BM Titanium
It was a light gray. However, I didn’t hold it up to my trim. Had I done that, I would have realized that it wasn’t a warm gray that would match.
BM Titanium
The color reminded me of my childhood blanket, Beauregaurd.
BM Titanium
I immediately didn’t like it. But I really didn’t want to re-paint it. It really made my yellow counters stand out. Without using the AC for the last five years, the heat has yellow’d the marble. (We now can leave the AC on all day!)
BM Titanium
This room was my guinea pig room with my new airless spray paint gun.
I would learn how to use the gun in a space not seen by many. I had beginner’s luck and the finish was awesome! However, I had issues with covering/protecting the toilet that frustrated me.
Plus, I learned that every space needs to be covered. I had left some of the newspaper down from when I painted the paint sticks, but I left other parts of the floor exposed. Good thing it was tile!
Bonus Bath Prepped
When I re-did Little JCrew’s room, I went ahead and planned to re-do the bathroom in the same color as his room and the bathroom downstairs. I knew I would like it.
Tips I’ve learned on using the spray gun.
1) Wear a hat, mask, and goggles. It is a must. Without a mask, your lungs will hurt and you won’t be able to breathe. You’ll look real cute!
Spray Gun Painting Gear
2) Clean the gun well. It’s very easy to clean the gun. There are liners to put in the bucket and solution to squirt into the gun.
3) Cover the ceiling and the floors.
4) Tape first, then attach plastic drop cloth. I went around and taped all the baseboards and door trim just like I would a normal paintjob. Then I lifted up the tape edge to slip the plastic liner under it.
It took me 1.5 hours to prep the bathroom. The prep job for a spray gun is technically what you should be doing for a normal paint job. I just always cheated not putting plastic down and made sure I was very careful.
Valspar's Bonsai
With the new shade of paint in the upstairs bathroom, I’m finally happy. It brightens up the space a bit.
Valspar's Bonsai
We still plan to add additional lighting to make it a brighter space.
Valspar's Bonsai
It’s a great first step to brightening up the space.
bonus bath comparison

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