Monday, August 12, 2013

Little JCrew's New Hue

Little JCrew’s room was painted a month after we moved into the house.

It was Ralph Lauren’s ‘Raffia’ and was a soft yellow color. I thought it was a good neutral for a girl or boy bedroom.

The color was prettiest in natural light. So, 4PM was the only time of day it was prettiest.

It was such a hard room to photograph. When I wanted to capture Little JCrew moments, the room looked gold.

I don’t mind painting, but my mom and Mr. JCrew like to give me a hard time about it. I’m a picky color person, and his room just didn’t feel right. Breaking the news that I wanted to paint would cause the snickers to begin.

I went into research mode. I wanted a color that looked good with bad lighting. Little JCrew’s room only has one window on the West side of the house. Most of the time, the blackout curtain is pulled, so lightbulbs are the primary source of light.

I was leaning towards a gray. I found this picture of Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl.

In the picture, you could see it was dark outside, so you knew what the paint color looked like under fake lights. I thought it was fine.

I got the Gray Owl and painted his room.

Looked blue to me.

I skipped a step in the process. I never held up the swatch to my current trim color swatch. If I had, I would have realized this gray was too cool for my house.

I still like the color, but it was not my vision.

I was so mad at myself. Before I picked Gray Owl, I really contemplated using the same color from the guest bath.

Valspar's Bonsai
This gray has been a favorite, but I didn’t know how it would look to have two rooms right next to each other the same color. (Odd thought, I know.)

I was itching to put Little JCrew’s room back together. The poor kid wouldn’t sleep anywhere but in his room. We even tried putting his mattress on the floor in our room, but he picked up his pillows and went to his room. I felt so sorry for him.

I quickly decided I’d re-do his room pronto! I taped his room back up and painted it Valspar’s Bonsai.

Prepping is the longest part of the job. It takes me two hours for one room. I use these cool perforated drop cloths.

They’re the biggest bang for your buck and I found them at Walmart.

I got myself an airless spray paint gun to use for future projects and love it. It took me 38 minutes to paint Little JCrew’s room.

I had no problem sparing another 40 minutes to get his room the right color.

I was immediately happy with the new color.

Looked grey to me!

Putting the room back together was fun.

I’m so happy with the color. It's a warm grey.

I wish I would have stuck with this color all along. I knew I loved how it looked in the bathroom. I guess I wanted to be daring. Wish I would have trusted my gut!

Bottom line, I’m happy with this color and it is staying forever!!

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