Friday, August 9, 2013

Kids and Dogs: A Comparison

Mr. JCrew's and my conversations can be funny to an outsider. Before kids, we talked about the dogs. With kids, we talk about the kids AND our dogs.

We haven't compared them totally before, but that's exactly what we did and I thought it was funny.

In the conversation, we concluded that Mr. Brigglesworth and Anderson are a lot alike. I never thought this was true.

Anderson and Mr. Brigglesworth:
- Love their Momma A LOT
- Eat their food immediately and are ready for more when finished.
- Love attention
- Loud (barking/screaming)
- Sleep great
- Red-headed (Mr. Brigglesworth is looking to be Strawberry Blonde)

Little JCrew and Colby have a lot in common:
- Independent
- Won't eat their food, but if you leave it out, you can catch them eating when they're hungry.
- Love to play rough
- "California Cool" mentality (No rush. It's all good. I'll get to it later.)
- Don't listen
- Quick on their feet
- Quiet
- Blondes
- Fidgety sleepers

There is one difference where the pairs are not the same... Discipline.

In regards to how we discipline the boys, Anderson and Little JCrew are more alike.

Anderson needs to be scolded multiple times before it gets into his brain. Even after that, he forgets you were mad and loves on you.

Colby hears you yell at Anderson and runs and hides. He is a scared pup and we can't discipline him.

Now that Mr. Brigglesworth is into EVERYTHING, we are having to use instructions. He's good at listening. When he goes for the dog bowls, I can tell him, "No" and he stops and looks at me.

When I had the problem of him biting, all I had to do was look at him. He stared back at me trying to read my body language. He got the message!

Already Raiding the Pantry
Little JCrew is big into testing us. Sometimes he quits, and sometimes he doesn't; but threatening does not do anything to him.

We have not raised the boys any differently, yet they are complete opposites!

Being a married couple with kids and dogs has changed our conversations around the table!!

I hope you have a great weekend.

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