Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Old Crib Bumper

When I’ve put together the nursery for both of my boys, I never picked out nursery sets. I knew I wouldn’t use the quilt that comes with it and I liked the idea of mixing and matching.

With Little JCrew’s room, I bought the crib bumper to match the comforters on the twin beds. That way they all tied together. I fell in love with that bumper.

When he started getting mobile, Mr. JCrew walked in on the babe sleeping and his face smooshed into the bumper. This scared Mr. JCrew so we removed the bumper. We then switched to a breathable bumper after Little JCrew got his foot stuck.

That has since come down because it was such a pain during sheet changes.

We tried selling the crib bumper in two consignment sales with no luck. I had it priced really cheap, too. I guess most people are going to the breathable bumpers now.

Instead of wasting the bumper, my mom gave herself something to do. She made pillows out of the bumper!

She even tacked on the label.

Sorry, Pottery Barn doesn’t make these custom matching pillows!

I think they go great with the beds. Mom used the stuffing from the bumper to fill the pillows.  

Actually, these pillows are pillows she had on hand, but mom made more pillows from another bumper and used the bumper stuffing to full those pillows.

This bumper is also Pottery Barn and we bought it at a consignment sale. 

It came in a set and we wanted the quilt out of the set (go figure!) The quilt was for the toddler bed at Mimi and Poppi’s house.

Now it has a matching pillow. The other pillow is at my house.

Little JCrew immediately saw the balls and said, “Ball.”

Thanks, Mom! I love my custom pillows!


  1. she did an awesome job. they look great. she could go into business. :)

    1. HA! She has amazing ideas and skills, but she says she's not fast enough for a business. I'll relay the compliment. THANKS!


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