Friday, October 18, 2013


This week was a special week. Beauregard was handed over to Mr. Brigglesworth.

Beauregard is my baby blanket that was passed down. My grandparents gave it to my oldest sister and it went through all my siblings but stopped with me. I was attached. My younger siblings never got to experience the magic and comfort of Beau because I wouldn't give him up.

As I got older, I still used him. I would stuff him down to the foot of the bed, and my feet would wrap up in it. It took me a while to break the habit and I put Beau away to save for my children. Little JCrew never showed interest in having a blanket to cuddle. Mr. Brigglesworth didn't either. I thought Beau would forever be mine and I would never pass him down.

Mr. Brigglesworth does this sucking motion with his mouth/tongue that is his signal that he is tired. I love it. As I was changing him for bed, he reached for his towel that was nearby, hugged it and started the sucking motion and rubbing the towel. It was that moment I knew he would appreciate and love Beauregard.

That is not Beau and he was not harmed.
 He's probably wondering why I didn't give it to him sooner. I honestly thought he would care less. He is not a paci user and both boys haven't gotten attached to anything yet.

The boys are double trouble now. Mr. Brigglesworth has always been into everything, but it seems to have escalated.

Little JCrew is spouting off words like it's his business. He knows all his colors and showed me an "orange tree" (the leaves were already changing colors for Fall.) He wakes up showing me blue, red, purple, yellow and orange things. Orange is his favorite color. He loves all things orange.

Little JCrew finally repeats words from us. This took a very long time. Both boys have never had an interest in repeating. It can be frustrating while teaching them, but I have now learned that they are storing it up in their brains. One day, it just spills out! Our favorite thing to do right now, is turn to the last page in the book, 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom' and say the alphabet. He can say them all great. "L" gives him a hard time. "W" he stumbles through the "double" part and goes straight to "U."

His numbers are really good. Of course, "1" is his favorite number, but he can show me where a 4,5,6, and 8 are. This age is really a lot of fun. My favorite thing he has mimic'd is "Oh, my!" I forget when I said it, but he started repeating it. And last Sunday when he walked into his class, he told the teachers, "Good Morning!" Not heard that one before!

Mr. Brigglesworth is now partaking in the wrestling matches with Daddy. Boys! Mr. JCrew says it is how boys show love. They don't cuddle, they wrestle. We just have to make sure we don't hurt ourselves. Mr. Brigglesworth got his first bloody nose the week of his birthday. Little JCrew has had many bloody lips, but had another one yesterday. Tripped over his own feet.

On Monday, I got out the tennis shoes and went for a test run. We are running in a 5k tomorrow. It was my thought that I would run with the boys in tow and Mr. JCrew would race. But I have not run with the double stroller, so I wanted to make sure that all things were good before the real event.

Family Walk
I made it for a mile and a half. The second quarter of the mile was the toughest. Little JCrew kept looking back at me and smiling! He was either laughing at my breathing pattern or he was enjoying the fastness of the ride. Turns out, I can't use the stroller in the race. It is a crowded race and not allowed. Boo! At least I know that I can run with the boys and they like it. I will have to continue doing that form of exercise. It's better than nothing!

I hope you have a great weekend! Take care!

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