Sunday, October 20, 2013

Liz Hurley 5k Recap 2013

Yesterday, we ran in the Liz Hurley 5k to support breast cancer. I do love October and I love how October is everyone's favorite month. If only Mr. Brigglesworth was a girl, then he'd appreciate all the pink things during the month of his birthday!

We had heard how big this race is and the crowd usually scared me away, but this is now something I want to do every year!

It was so awesome to  be there and cheering on everyone. I got emotional seeing the runners. Everyone has a story, and although I don't know them, their bright smiles showed so much joy, that I got excited for them.

Little JCrew found a mound of rocks to stand on and cheer from. He clapped for everyone!

I found out when I was there that I COULD use the stroller. Darn me, I wore jeans! The boys were on their best behavior.

They got a little antsy waiting in a crowded line, but once we were moving, they were fine.

I ended up not running or walking. Because I didn't think I could participate with the stroller, I didn't bring my bib with number. Most said I should still get in there, but my conscience made me feel bad and I turned around at the last minute.

I was more excited to watch Mr. JCrew come across the finish line. Each time we've run, he sticks to my pace. The last time we ran with family, they kidded him about his pace and thought he would be faster. He wondered what he could do, so I said the next one he could "race" and see.

My hubby made me proud!! We saw the first guy race past us at 15 minutes!

Not the first guy.
Then they started trickling in.

I was searching for Mr. JCrew running in his red pants. Then I started to feel bad that he wore those to run in. Then all of the sudden, Little JCrew and I both said, "Whoa" at the same time and that is when Mr. JCrew ran in front of us. Good thing we weren't looking for red pants! In my mind I was afraid we would find Mr. JCrew running in his underwear! Good thing that wasn't the case, either.

Little JCrew continued with his, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" He was so impressed.

Mr. JCrew finished with a time of 21:05!!! Woohoo. I was so proud! He never saw us on the side, and we ran to go meet up with him. He wasn't expecting us, because he thought he were still running. I told him I was much more into cheering people on today.

That really was my favorite part. We stood on the sidelines and cheered. We were next to some coaches with these "Clapper" things and the noise level was great. I saw everyone I knew was there and then some. An old co-worker, other friends, older folks, survivors, and the list goes on. It was an awesome experience and I can't wait to do it again!

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