Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Today’s world is crazy. It’s not a good crazy. It’s not just the people in charge, it’s our population.

We don’t think for ourselves anymore. News isn’t just on during dinnertime; it’s 24/7. Social media knows no boundaries and we are falling victim to it all.

Social media has made Mr. JCrew and I more mad than happy. We have great relationships with people face-to-face, but on the internet, people say what they don’t dare say to your face. Most of this stems towards differing beliefs.

I admit, my sister and I are different in our beliefs. She doesn’t ram her views down my throat and I try not to ram mine down hers. She is usually the bigger person. We respect our differences and I love her for that. She honestly cares. She cares about things other people don’t.

But not everyone is mature like she is. Our population is growing, and it saddens me what they are becoming. They are not nice. They are bullies. The nice guys get threatened and trampled on. The nice guys maintain their composure, hoping their strength will rise above. They look to the “man upstairs” to give them that strength.

Our society believes the person who sells their argument. Have you read the article “Bacon Lowers Men Fertility”

These types of studies come from someone that has a hair-brain idea. They believe they can make others believe them. How many studies like this one are out there? Diet studies, friendship studies, exercise studies, religion studies. We can blame anything for the problems and if it sounds legit, the masses will believe it. Doesn’t even have to sound logical.

There are smart people out there, and smart people tend to keep their mouths closed. There is a percentage of the population that ‘thinks’ they are smart. They read books, study ‘science’, know more about religion than the religious folks, and they don’t like pretentious people. Yet, they act pretentious themselves.

This population is loud and it is hurting my eardrums. I encourage the strong, silent types to hold their ground and their beliefs, but at the same time, I want to turn a deaf ear and let the children be children. I am then not one of the strong ones and letting those with louder voices continue to be heard.

Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way. I calm myself down by saying, “They have been warned. Now let them see for themselves.” This method means we will all feel the pain and suffering and that’s not fair, but maybe we can write this down in history to never try again.

In the meantime, Mr. JCrew and I are off of Facebook. We get furious and make comments back when we should have maintained our composure. We want to continue to see the good in people like we do when we see each other face-to-face. We are much better friends in real life. Social media has not been the best invention ever. It’s great for businesses to get the word out, but it is bad on friendships. Mr. JCrew and I have not had any relationships go sour, but we are unplugging before any of them do. 

My sister read the post this morning and wrote me an encouraging message.

When people voice their differing opinions, even when they do it loudly and obnoxiously, what seems to work for her is taking a step back and marveling at the fact that God made us all so that we could think for ourselves. He could have made a world filled with people who all thought that same, but he made us unique! And with the ability to think for ourselves, even though some people seem to struggle with that.

When reading silly articles she tries to remember even when she thinks it is dumb, that people want answers from God, and he gave us the instinct to want to explain and prove things, and that is what makes faith AMAZING! He gave us both an inquiring brain and a heart that will seek Him, even if we can't scientifically prove His existence.

It is a crazy world we live in today, for sure, but don't let it bring you down. We were made to have our own thoughts, likes and dislikes. Be you!

She's so smart!!!

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