Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Logan's Birthday 2013

Today is my little sister's 28th birthday! Whoa, she can't be that old. It feels like I was just giving her bottles.

Logan has the biggest heart you will ever find. I have known that since the day she was born. Even when I knocked her over as she learned to walk and I did unspeakable things to her as a kid, she still loved me and stood up for me.

Wilkinson Sisters
Today, Logan runs a Sanctuary for neglected and once abused farm animals.

She loves these animals more than anything. She cares for them like they've never been cared for before.

Each animal has a special place in her heart and her heart breaks each time one crosses over the Rainbow Bridge. But the life she gave them was longer than what they would have had had they not met my sister.

You can even sponsor an animal on her farm and that animal will make a piece or art for you. I have two pieces hanging at my office that I get questions about and I have three at home for the boys and I to look at. Remember the gift for Little JCrew? It had a painting from the baby chicks that year.

The boys are fortunate that they get to Skype with Logan often. They don't yet talk to her much, but she can see them being busy-bodies. Logan also was able to come visit us after the birth of each boy. It was very special!

Every time she visits, I have so much fun with her and I start wishing she lived closer. She is so much fun to be around. Her husband is pretty funny, too!

I can't wait to see her again. I hope she is planning a fabulous day for her birthday.

No one deserves it more than her.

I got all these pictures off my sister's personal FaceBook page (I know, broke my un-plugged rule already) but if you want to see daily pictures of the animals from the farm, you can follow the Sanctuary's FaceBook page. All that do follow, say it is the highlight of their day. Or you can visit the webpage, but you don't get the daily pictures there.

I love you, dear sister! You are the best person I know. I hope this year is a fantastic one for you. Thanks for doing all the hard work that others aren't called to do. You have touched so many lives and made them better (Animals and Human).

Happy Birthday!!!

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