Friday, October 25, 2013

A Trip To The Farm

Last weekend, after the race, we bee-lined it across the state border to visit a Pumpkin Patch/Farm before the boys needed to nap.

We had heard great things about the farm, and wanted to give it a try.

This was Mr. Brigglesworth's first experience with animals other than dogs.

He was timid at first, but then got right on in there.

I was so proud of him.

Little JCrew loved all the animals. He couldn't get enough of the piglets.

We were in that pin multiple times.

It's obvious how much he loved them by how many pictures I took.

He called one of them a cow. I'll give him some credit; it had the markings of a cow.

The bunnies were an equal favorite.

We have a fake bunny in our flowerbed that he has to talk to all the time. Seeing them move, brought things to a whole new level.

There was a pig race. It was cute. Lots of screaming going on.

The sheep were so soft.

The goat could care less, so Little JCrew moved on.

There was a beautiful chicken Little JCrew was whispering to.

There were a lot of activities for kids. One that got all of us excited were the rat races. We waited in line, and when our turn came, we got in, started rolling, and he wanted out. Maybe next year.

There was a hug corn maze. We let Little JCrew be the leader. Bad move. We made a short cut to get out!

There were multiple corn bins.

The boys loved filling the trucks up with corn.

There were two slides. One had monster truck tires to use as steps.

There were some cool swings Mr. Brigglesworth enjoyed.

The water pump races were neat. Little JCrew stayed there for a while.

Mr. Brigglesworth was a champ at staying awake and being in a good mood.

There were normal swings that the boys both loved.

We ended up staying longer than we planned, but we enjoyed it. The boys crashed on the drive home.

Mr. JCrew is away for the weekend. His little brother graduates from AirForce Basic Training this morning. YAY!

He's so grown up. I still remember him being so short when I married Mr. JCrew. Now, he's taller than Mr. JCrew!

Congratulations, Andrew! We are so proud of you!

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