Tuesday, June 21, 2011

31 Weeks

Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors. January, March, May, July, August, October and December all have 31 days in them. There's not anything special about the number 31; except Baby J is 31 weeks cooked today.
Baby J is around 16 inches long and over 3 pounds. The babe can turn its head side to side and the arms and legs are getting chunkier. The babe is heading for a growth spurt, and I can definitely tell.

6-21-11 ... 31 Weeks
We had a great Father's Day Weekend. Our small group from church came over for some pool time and BBQ chicken Mr. JCrew was so proud of himself for making. Saturday was an AMAZING day with such special people to share it with. It could not have been any more perfect!!

"THE" Cake
On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with both sides of our family and had more pool time with the little ones. It was such a big weekend, I was too excited to sleep. I crashed Sunday night and it was much needed.

How Far Along?: 31 Weeks
How Big Is Baby?: the size of a four naval oranges together
Sleep?: Hard to get comfortable, but I can sleep well (when I'm not too excited to sleep)
Food Cravings?: none. Just drinking a lot and eating more snacks
Movement?: Tons! This baby does not need prodding anymore to get it to move. Baby J moves all around and doesn't stay in the same position very long. I feel a kick on my right, lower side, then I feel the baby roll around and kick in the total opposite direction. It's cute.
Gender?: I know, but I’m waiting to reveal it online until EVERYONE I’m close to knows.
Belly Button?: Still an innie.
Special Moment of the week: Seeing everyone's face when we found out Baby J's gender. We caught it on video and it is my most favorite thing right now.
Labor Signs: None.
Next Doctor’s Appt?: June 28th
What I’m Looking Forward To This Week: Being able to share with everyone what Baby J is.

My little sis went over the top with her presents. She wasn't able to be here this weekend, but she shipped a little package that came last night. Here's a snapshot of just a few (really, there was tons more.)
Don't get fooled!!! Remember: I plan to use blue for my girl.

And then she had her little chicks on the farm make a painting for Baby J. She's so creative and fun!! Baby J is lucky to have such a rocking Aunt!

Her chicks were her own "Baby J." The only difference is she kicked them to the barn at six weeks. I don't think I'll get that lucky.

I can't wait to share the news with you about Baby J.

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  1. so sweet. that cake looks awesome and i love the painting your sis did


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