Monday, June 20, 2011


Last year we made a veggie garden. It got flooded and we had one greenbean plant survive. That’s when we decided that this year’s veggie garden would be in a raised bed. We used the extra block from our project of building a seating wall and built a raised veggie garden.

Mr. JCrew is big into vegetables. It was his idea to create a garden. He even bought a book about it and has researched how to be successful. He really likes the idea of being self-sufficient. This mentality applies to everything. I love his way of thinking.

Last year we grew tomatoes. Neither one of us love tomatoes enough to eat all of them from the plant. So we had an abundance last year. This year’s crop includes squash.

Squash - May 2011

Squash - June 2011
Green Beans
Green Beans - May 2011

Green Beans - June 2011

Carrot Tops - June 2011

Carrot - June 2011

Cantelope Vine - June 2011
And Beets

Beets - May 2011

Beet -  June 2011

Beets - June 2011
 This is definitely a learning experience. We’ll see the yield we produce this year. Maybe next year we can make our own babyfood from our own yard!! We’ll see!

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