Friday, June 17, 2011

Stay By My Side

Mr. JCrew and I contemplated about the idea of a “bassinet” in our bedroom. Of course, the plan now is to have baby sleep in our room with us for the first two months. If it’s longer, then it’s longer. Mr. JCrew has a demanding schedule between school and work. If I need to come up with an alternate plan to accommodate him, then I will.
Being the cheapster that I am, I came up with the notion that Baby J would sleep in an empty drawer from the dresser in the spare bedroom. Or even a laundry basket! People do it all the time. But our dogs sleep in our bedroom in their own bed and I didn’t want Baby’s bed to be their new place of rest. I could just see Anderson unswaddling the baby because he was trying to nestle into the baby’s blanket too.

A laundry basket would have high enough sides to deter the dogs and I was okay with using it. I could tote it around the house just fine! But my in-laws offered to buy us a bassinet as our gift. Couldn’t pass that up!

We chose a Moses Basket style bassinet. I liked the idea that it was easily movable (like the laundry basket) so that I could move the basket with me from room to room.

The basket came with a stand. It was really easy to put together.

I actually put this stand together while I was in the closet hiding from the Tornados we had. That’s how easy it was.

Final product is gorgeous. I love it!!

This baby is going to be glued to my side. Whether he/she likes it or not. J

I have a tendency to buy things far in advance of needing them; but it has been beneficial lately. The crib mobile I liked was “the one,” so I bought it Spring of 2010. It is no longer available.

When I found the perfect diaper bag, I bought it. It is no longer available.

I have the Navy with a "J" on it.

When I found this bassinet, I knew it was “the one.” It was on sale, so that hinted to me it wouldn’t be available much longer. I was right! It’s no longer available!
I just wish I had learned that lesson when I found this rocking “horse.”

It was a lot of money, so I waited on purchasing it. I knew it would be perfect for the nautical-themed room. Plus, it was unique! Oh, well. I learned my lesson. I just don’t know if I really would have paid full-price, or even sale price for it.

In This Post:

Bassinet: Restoration Hardware – European Textured Cotton – Blue

Happy Father’s Day to all. Especially to my favorite ‘dad-to-be’ and my own dad. Love you, both!

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