Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stroll In Style

There are so many baby things on the market these days. I understand every baby’s needs are different, but the choices are overwhelming!
When looking at strollers, I liked the jogging strollers. Moving into this neighborhood, I became a big-time walker. I love gearing up the dogs and getting outside. There is so much to look t and it feels nice after being cooped up in an office all day.

BOB Jogging Stroller
I planned on continuing my walking after baby got here and wanted a good stroller that would be able to withstand long daily walks.
There are a lot of strollers out there that are compatible with carseats without having to buy them together. But price-wise, it was cheaper to get a travel systems.
Luckily, we found a travel system that was a jogging stroller!! Perfect match. And the colors were neutral (grey/green.)

This system is by Baby Trend.  When we got it, it only came in that one color combination, but now there is a deep purple color option.

I like the purple, but the green is still gender neutral.
The handle bars adjust for short people or tall people. The carseat snaps in very easily and has a nice gripping handle. The stroller even has speakers and an iPod connection!! It doesn’t get very loud, but that’s neat!

We’ve already got toys to attach to the stroller and carseat once baby is old enough to enjoy them.  In the meantime, we have one accessory that we will use immediately until Baby J doesn’t want it anymore. It’s called a carseat canopy.

The canopy is really easy to make and I wish I could take credit for this, but I did not. I found fabric I liked and priced it up, but I found a lady that could make it for the same price I could, and it saved me hassle.  Rarely do I ever want to give up because of a hassle. I love being able to create something and know it was my handiwork every time I see it.

The idea behind the canopy is to keep strangers out and keep baby calm. It’s an easy way to keep baby asleep while you move them around in the carseat. And as much as I’m sure I will want to show off my baby, I’m crossing my fingers that the canopy will slow the amount of traffic of people wanting to touch the baby and what not.
We’ll see if this works. Either way, I get something pretty to look at while baby is sleeping soundly in the carseat.

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