Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seating for Two

You’ve seen the post about the crib (here), the twin beds (here) and the yellow walls (here), but there are more details that have been added.
We debated long and hard about the idea of having a glider in the room. I never was really for it, but Mr. JCrew really wanted one, so I entertained the idea for him. He found one he loved, but it was just too big for that room. So, I suggested we could have the glider in our bedroom and move the rocking chair from our room into the baby’s room.

I moved the rocking chair just to get perspective and liked the idea. It stayed.

This rocking chair is no ordinary rocking chair. It was my grandfather’s. This chair had character. The seat of the chair had deliberate indentations for your rearend to fit comfortably. It was my favorite detail.

The arms of the chair were also curvy to fit your arms and always fit mine perfectly.

The original stain was still pretty, but it had some dings to it. I didn’t mind, but I thought about refinishing it just to be cohesive with the other furniture in both our bedroom and the baby’s room. When my mom refinished the crib she also refinished the rocking chair. I really do owe her. THANKS, MOM!
Before the chair even made its trip from FL to here, my mom had a local carpenter repair the chair to make sure it was in great condition for Baby J.
Here’s a funny detail… I had this blanket I bought for the dogs to snuggle in on their bed. I loved the print. My mom got a crazy idea about using the blanket to make a seat cushion for the rocking chair. I loved the idea!!

I just love this chair. It has meaning behind it and it’s beautiful.

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